IRS Back Taxes

There is no shame in falling behind on your taxes but submerging your head in the sand is the wrong way to resolve your tax issues.

In most situations back taxes arise from not filing tax returns on time. Did you know that IRS files Automated Substitute for Return (ASFR) for you if you fail to file on time? “Automated”, it is done by computer, not a human being. And rest assured, that computer does not consider any deductions or credits that otherwise you might be benefiting from.

Therefore, when you receive a notice from the IRS with the assessed amount for the tax year you did not file a return for, the first thing to do is to file tax return for that year. No matter how many years you are behind.

In other situations, back taxes situation comes up if you do not pay your taxes on time. There are multiple solutions as well to solve a problem. A tax resolution professional will provide you help with Back Tax problems that arise from unpaid state and federal back taxes, unfiled returns, late filings, and more.

Unpaid taxes activate the IRS collection process, so acting early will help to prevent or at least minimize penalties and interest. Even if you cannot afford to pay your back taxes, I will help you to establish installment payment plans or negotiate settlement with the IRS to reduce original tax liability.

If a tax return is not filed, taxpayers have three years to file returns and claim refunds. If that period lapses, the IRS will retain any refund. It is common for clients to lose their refunds because they simply did not file.

I will gladly answer questions about tax debts relief and representation before the IRS.